Our Dream

Barb & Kris

Where did the idea for the best rolling duffel bag come from?

The answer is simple: We’ve been there. We know firsthand exactly how much effort it takes to get dancers ready for their competitions.

We are Barb Johnson and Kris Barkow, two Minnesota dance moms who founded Dancers Dream, LLC in 2008. Barb’s oldest daughter danced for 10 years and now teaches dance part-time. Our preteen daughters have performed together for years. Which means that for years, we each struggled to carry garment bags, a rolling suitcase, a chair, makeup organizer and a yoga mat — all tied together with bungee cords — to and from dance competitions. Ridiculous! And we’d cringe every time we’d see the mothers with two or three dancers try to navigate hallways without losing the wheels from their flimsy rolling garment racks. Until one day we said, "There's got to be a better way."

With a growing wish list we took the best of the “make-do” solutions, added our own ingenuity and came up with The Dream Duffel. Our Dream Duffel has everything you need, plus a design that’s so simple, even a young child can get set up on her own. It’s time to eliminate the unnecessary stress, strain and tears from competition events. Order today … and get ready to relax, support your competitor and enjoy the show!